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Find dental jobs near you Whether you’re looking to pick up a day here and there or find new full time job, DentaMatch is the easy way for dental professionals to find work fast.
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Think of us as a hassle-free temp agency you can fit in your pocket.

Set Your Own Schedule: Fill in your profile calendar with the days you want to work, or look for a full-time position


Select Your Skills: Update your skills and experience in your personal profile and we’ll match them to dental offices where they’re most in demand


In-App Messaging: Chat directly with dental office employers and avoid guessing games on where to park or put your lunch.


Build Your Profile: Keep track of past and future bookings and earn kudos from past employers that boost your ranking in the app

Need extra cash?
Pick up extra work when you decide.
  • On days when your office is normally closed.
  • Keep yourself booked with extra work even when your boss is on vacation.
  • Pick up extra days when you are in between jobs.
DentaMatch helps you keep your work life flexible.
Work when you want, on your schedule.
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